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 Join the Dignity and Respect Campaign
The Diversity Resources Committee invites the members of the GVFHRA on a journey to learn more about the benefits of Diversity and Inclusion by joining us in an ongoing conversation. This conversation, on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages, will center on what Inclusion looks like in organizations, how to promote it, and the ROI or *Return on Inclusion.*


In order to start this conversation, we are launching a Dignity and Respect Campaign, and will be part of a national effort developed by the Center for Inclusion at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. This campaign is about awareness and commitment, and when you participate, you acknowledge your intention to treat everyone with dignity and respect.


As this is a pretty high level generalization, our goal is to make it more real by using the Campaign’s 30 tips for Dignity and Respect.  Each month we will focus on one tip, and offer behavioral examples of how to use it, and what it might look like in your organization and in your life.  This will only become a vibrant conversation, however, with your participation. Our hope is that many of you will join the conversation and add the richness of your perspective and experience.

How the Conversation Will Work:

We are using a participative approach, and will have interactive conversations about inclusive behaviors and their benefits on our LinkedIn group and Facebook page.  The 30 Tips of Dignity & Respect, put out by the D&R campaign, will be the focal point of our online discussions. We hope that you, our members, will adapt the tips in your workplaces and lives.  We look forward to hearing your ideas, reactions and responses.


Look for our tips on our Facebook page and LinkedIn group. 



Down the Road:

As these conversations grow, there are numerous possibilities for us to examine. We might offer workshops on a number of the areas covered by the tips, including cultural competencies and much more.  Another possibility -- we might launch a campaign within the campaign to ask you, our members, to sign the Dignity and Respect pledge. If we get 100% sign up, we will be the first SHRM chapter in the country to do so! It’s up to us to take this wherever we find most promising

A brief video (54 seconds) of Dr. Maya Angelou speaking on Dignity and Respect

7 Competencies of Dignity & Respect


1. Manage Your Behavior – Sweat the small stuff. Smile. Listen. Say hello. Say thank you.

2. Innovation & Collaboration – Reinvent the wheel. Be open. Be flexible. Join the team. Be relationship builder.

3. Cultural Competence – Treat others the way they want to be treated. Be culturally competent. Break the ice. Demonstrate mutual respect. Ask.

4. Managing Conflict – Find common ground. Communicate respectfully. Practice patience. Seek understanding. Share your point of view.


5. Model Inclusive Behaviors – Lead the way. Do the right thing. Be considerate. Remember, we all make mistakes. 

6. Community Leadership – Get involved. Become a mentor. Take a healthy step. Lend a hand.

7. Be A Champion – Be a champion of dignity and respect. Practice all behaviors a little each day.


These are the 30 tips that people can see at a glance


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