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Tuesday, June 02, 2105 | Compensation Infrastructure: Creating Strong Structured Job Levels Supporting Pay Differentations and Job Title Assignments

Tuesday, June 02, 2105 8:30 AM to 12:00 AM
Compensation Infrastructure: Creating Strong Structured Job Levels Supporting Pay Differentations and Job Title Assignments
Approved for 3 HRCI and SHRM Credits
Speaker(s): Deb Grigson

Compensation Infrastructure: Creating Strong Structured Job Levels Supporting Pay Differentiations and Job Title Assignments

Registration: 8:30am; Program: 9:00am – Noon
Firstrust Bank – 15 E Ridge Pike, Conshohocken, PA 19428

Maintaining an engaged, committed workforce is the goal (stated or not) of every employer. Turnover costs real money. Business leaders can spend their time hiring outside employees to address their turnover issues or they can solve one of the reasons that their employees leave – inability to find opportunities to move up. It has been widely reported, when Google hires an employee they have a committee that reviews the candidate’s experience, interview etc. and determines the candidate’s Google job level and then - they determine the candidates pay and job title not the other way around…. Developing a system for understanding and applying job levels creates an environment of understanding career progression and how job titles and pay fit into this big picture. Transparency is a key tenant of our human resources program. When employees understand what it take to achieve the next level and they get the recognition that they deserve for that achievement, it is a win/win for the company and the employee. Participants will learn how to design a job leveling guide and review how pay and job titles can be reasonably applied to the guide. Learn where to start and how to build consensus in support of your structured program. Second, learn how your leveling guides can be used to evaluate performance and promote your people; supporting your business leaders to win, keep and engage your workforce.

We will explore what it takes to build substantive job level guides:

• Review and analyze other company’s level guides
• Discuss your current methodology for addressing job leveling inside of your company
• Create a model guide
• Analyze the effective use of job titling to support your job leveling efforts
• Discuss how to build consensus in management supporting the processes and outcomes inherent in a structured Job Leveling system

We will contemplate “What ifs” and examine ways to handle them effectively and efficiently:
• Your company is a diversified global entity
• Your current job titles are “all over the place”
• Your business leaders don’t want advice
• Your company gives out job titles instead of raises
Compensation Infrastructure is a practical exploration of how we can use job levels to build and maintain support for hiring and promoting the right candidates more accurately and efficiently.

  Speaker: Deb Grigson is a founding partner at eConsultingNetwork. Working with a team of compensation design and delivery experts, Deb partners with her clients to create compensation solutions to accommodate and support their culture, market and business needs. Deb provides “broad-based” compensation analysis and design; often delivering updates and annual support for maintaining consistent delivery of the implemented solution. Prior to establishing eConsultingNetwork, Deb worked as an Assistant Vice President in the Compensation Consulting Group of Aon Consulting, providing compensation and related technology consulting to a wide range of organizations. Deb co-authored an article in fall 2004 for WorldatWork’s publication Workspan titled “Market Pricing 101 – The Science and the Art”. She co-authored a chapter on Job Analysis and Job Documentation in “The Compensation Handbook” by Lance A. Berger and Dorothy R. Berger. Recently, Deb has facilitated several programs on the FLSA, Executive Incentives, Trends in Compensation and Compensation design and delivery in the tri-state area.


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Firstrust Bank
Conshohocken PA 19428
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